The Reliquaries is an installation conceived by Paola Bay and designed by Paola & Armando Bruno.

This project initially has been made for Broken Nature, XXII Triennale Milan - - curated by Paola Antonelli, that celebrates design’s ability to offer powerful insight into the key issues of our age, moving beyond pious deference and inconclusive anxiety. By turning its attention to human existence and persistence, Broken Nature promotes the importance of creative practices in surveying our species’ bonds with the complex systems in the world, and designing reparations when necessary, through objects, concepts, and new systems.

This project enables the audience to understand that in the near future what we have now in abundance will be actually extinct and considered the most holy and precious objects left. This allows people think what we keep doing to the Earth will be making this planet unrecognizable by today’s inhabitants. We want people to think about this not as such an impossible future waiting around the corner.

The Reliquaries are inserted in an installation reminding of the monolith from the movie 2001: Space Odyssey and ancient sites like Stonehenge. The purpose of the Monolith, containing the reliquaries, is to give a sense of veneration and awe to the viewers.